The health and well-being of our puppies is our highest concern. As a result, we have a clear policy that does not allow visitors to come to our facility. The deadly Parvo Virus can be easily spread through people who innocently bring it with them. Puppies can get Parvo (and other diseases) from people tracking in the disease on their clothes and shoes.

Puppies will receive vaccinations beginning at about 8 weeks, then every 2-3 weeks until 16 weeks of age; until the series of vaccines are completed, the puppies can still catch Parvo and other diseases. Due to this fact, and to protect the health and well-being of the mother and puppies, we do not accept visitors. You will find that many other responsible breeders hold to this same policy and we trust that you will understand that we are protecting your puppy's health & future.  So how do you select your puppy?  Read on...



You may choose your puppy by picture and video from the web site after your deposit is received. Once your deposit is received, we will notify you. Puppies are selected according to the order in which the deposit is received (i.e. first received, first choice). We will refund your deposit in full if there are not enough puppies in the litter in the sex you requested. To ensure that you will receive one of these puppies, send in your Puppy Application and Deposit Form as soon as you make your decison AND after deposits are being accepted. Puppy photos will be made available online as soon as we are able to safely and comfortably take pictures of the pups. The only acceptable reason for a deposit refund is if there are not enough puppies in the litter in the sex you requested. Otherwise, deposits are non-refundable, so please be sure that we are your breeder of choice.

Puppy availability

and pricing


Pricing of the puppies is based on their color (not gender) as follows:

   Single color:  $1,600

   Any two colors:  $2,200    All puppies in the current litter are two-color pups

   Tri-Color:  $3,000


Delivery of a puppy is available (approx. $200 fee) within a 4-hour drive from Tulsa. We'd be happy to meet you for the puppy delivery. This is a great option if you live in Dallas, Kansas City, Denver, Colorado Springs, or other areas in the South/Mid-West.

Shipping of puppies is also an option. Shipping via airlines is dependent upon airline schedules and will generally run an additional $550 (accounting for airfare, crate, and additional health certifications). All additional transport fees must be paid by the purchasing family.

ID Sex Birth weight Coat


Navy - ROSCOE Male 16oz Black SOLD
Pink Female 12oz Black SOLD 
Sky Blue - WINSTON Male 17oz Black w/white tips on toes and tail SOLD 


Our litter was born April 12, 2020 - ALL PUPPIES HAVE BEEN SOLD.

We expect our next litter to be Spring 2021.
Our current litter was born to Sadie, our Standard Parti Poodle with beautiful 2-color markings, and Charlie, our Bernese Mountain Dog with excellent tri-color markings. We had seven puppies (4 males & 3 females). The puppies are 2-color, carrying the rich black coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog along with the clear white markings that are so distinctive. Each puppy has unique markings; some have white across the withers/shoulders, while some have a wide blaze of white on the snout and up the forehead. They all have beautiful white patterns on their bellies as well as white on their feet and tails.

As with each litter, we spend 8 weeks watching over them as they learn, grow, and are weaned away from their mother. They are able to go to their new homes at 8 weeks old. Puppy selection is based on the order in which deposits are received. 

Frequently Asked Questions


You may have questions about Bernedoodles, the selection process and how to get the right puppy for your family. Visit our FAQs and see if we don't answer some of these questions for you!



Once you have selected a puppy, we will mark it as such on the web site, and no other buyers will be able to select your puppy...it's YOURS! With that in mind, if you feel the need to change your request, it will be based only on the availability of the remaining puppies. If you choose to cancel your request, the deposit is non-refundable, although you can "roll it over" to the next available litter (likely up to 1 year away).

Remember that your deposit indicates your serious intention to purchase a puppy, and we can only refund your deposit if there are no puppies available in the sex you indicated.

We do screen all prospective clients via our Puppy Application so that we may assist you when choosing your new family member.

If you feel that you cannot make your decision to send a deposit before seeing the puppies, you will have to wait until all of the people who have sent us deposits have picked up their puppies. You may visit only the puppies that we have left (if there are any left), to ensure the health and safety of the puppies who were previously selected. Again, the health and safety of our puppies is our top priority.

The VERY best way to get puppy updates is to follow us on Facebook.


On rare occasions, a family may have extreme difficulty caring for their puppy, or the puppy may not be adjusting well to it’s adopted home. For the puppy’s sake, we will take it back (up to one year old) so that we can find another home for it. However, we do not offer refunds or exchanges, so please give considerable attention to your initial purchasing decision.


Example tri-color bernedoodle puppy.